Claire worked at a local Hospice from 2008 till May 2015.  She has a Diploma in Complementary Therapies in Palliative Care which covers therapies to work on patients with palliative and terminal illnesses.  Claire has gained a vast amount of knowledge working on patients with various cancers, neurological disorders like MS, MND, PD, PSP as well as those with heart failure.  Therapies are adapted to help patients achieve a sense of control and well-being during their illness.

Therapy options are usually Clinical Aromatherapy and Clinical Reflexology and are shorter in duration.  Very light pressure and altered techniques are used to suit each person.  

She was a member of the Regional Cancer Care Network (NEYHCN), setting criteria for therapists working in the Palliative Care environment, as well as being a member of the National Association of Complementary Therapists in Palliative Care. 

Claire also provides training about complementary therapies in the Palliative Care setting to Doctors, Nurses and ancillary staff.  If you work in a clinical environment and wish tuition for staff, please contact Claire for further details.