Advanced Remedial/Sports Massage:

Assesses posture & muscular imbalances that could be creating problems for sports enthusiasts.  AIS (active isolated stretching), deep and soft tissue techniques & myofascial release are all incorporated into the treatment. This is not your conventional massage routine but one of working on isolated or groups of muscles to aid mobilisation, recovery etc.  Kinesio® Taping may be used between treatment sessions to aid support/recovery.

Massage helps muscles that are tired, aching, over/under worked, injured or just feeling tight. This may be full body massage or area specific depending on needs. Remedial treatment sessions focus on problem areas and try to regain balance.

Fitness Instruction (Gym) Appropriate advice is given for exercises suitable for rehabilitation, fitness and recovery.  Claire can devise a training programme suitable to the individual taking into account your personal requirements considering any muscular problems you already have; she has access to a small personal gym at another location where 1:1 sessions can be provided for an hour.  NOTE: Fitness instruction is a separate charge to therapy charges.

Scar tissue release following surgery or injury to tissues where skin has pulled tight.  Treatments can be started 12 weeks after surgery.   STR involves breaking down adhesions/scar tissue by using release techniques which aides tissue regeneration and repair.

Trigger Point therapy helps identify areas of isolated pain which when pressure is applied, can cause sensations affecting limbs/muscles. When acupressure is applied correctly to these area’s, symptoms can be relieved.  Also helps improve dermatome signs.

Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD 1) can help reduce oedema/lymphoedema both pre-post operatively and also following injuries etc.  This is a specialised treatment area.   Please discuss with Claire to see if you are suitable.